The "DELTA Probe" is manufactured and assembled by hand in the U.S.A.  The "DELTA PROBE" employs new wedge contact
technology that gives you a reliable, temporary, and a mechanically non-invasive way to make contact with the legs of most TSOP,
TQFP, or PQFP Integrated Circuits (IC) having leg spacings of 0.5mm, 0.635mm, 0.65mm, & 0.8mm.  The
special design and
patented materials of the "wedge" shaped conductors allow them to be inserted tightly between all of the IC legs at once without
damaging the IC legs,
saving you time and money.  A redundant contact is made on both sides of each IC leg by gold plated, BeCu
contacts for a very low resistance (<1.0 ohm) and capacitance (<1.5 pf) signal path back to your test cable.  All of this is
accomplished within the footprint of the I.C.  This eliminating large keep-out areas or special hard test points and/or connectors that
were previously required.  The "DELTA Probe" may cost a little more, but when you need ease of use, accuracy, and if your time is

Then the
"DELTA Probe"  is your solution for the NEW wedge contact technology test clip.

Accessories include  male to male pin Double Header PCBA’s available in 0.018" x 0.018" x 0.12" long or 0.018" x 0.030" x 0.12"
long pins that provide the connection between the female output sockets on the probe and female sockets on the flex cables, flying
leads of a Logic Analyzer, or a microprocessor/emulator board, etc.
Colorado Springs, Colorado

 John 3:16
48 pin TSOP Delta Probe with Trans.

Installed onto a test board     

Top view
196 pin QFP Delta Probe
Bottom view
196 pin QFP Delta Probe
Top view
48 pin TSOP Delta Probe
Bottom view
48 pin TSOP Delta Probe
54 pin TSOP Type II Delta Probe
on PCB 54 pin IC
QFP Test Clips under new
As of January 1, 2014.